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Multicultural PEGs

Multicultural PEGs are available in 5 languages: - Arabic, Dari, Dinka, French and Swahili .

For more PEGs. see the General PEGs section.

Arabic - Families and teenagers
Arabic – Families and the law
Arabic - Families and young children
Arabic - Family health and wellbeing
Arabic – Keeping children safe
Dari - Families and teenagers
Dari – Families and the law
Dari - Families and young children
Dari - Family health and wellbeing
Dari – Keeping children safe
Dinka - Familes and teenagers
Dinka – Families and the law
Dinka - Families and young children
Dinka - Family health and wellbeing
Dinka – Keeping children safe
English - Families and teenagers
English – Families and the law
English - Families and young children
English - Family health and wellbeing
English – Keeping children safe
French - Families and teenagers
French – Families and the law
French - Families and young children
French - Family health and wellbeing
French – Keeping children safe
Swahili - Families and teenagers
Swahili – Families and the law
Swahili - Families and young children
Swahili - Family health and wellbeing
Swahili – Keeping children safe

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