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Seminars and videos

Recorded parenting seminars

Handling sibling conflict proactively so they fight less and stay connected (YouTube 1.31 hours)
Madhavi Nawana Parker (June 2020)

Children and screens: adapting to this new reality (YouTube 1.32 hours)
Dr Justin Coulson and Dr Kristy Goodwin (May 2020)

View the Secrets of Raising Beautifully Behaved Children (YouTube 2 hours)
Jodie Benveniste (May 2019)

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Parenting videos

Parents talk about positive approaches

Finding solutions together (Video 2.29)
Learning from natural consequences (Video  1.28)
Misbehaviour is missed behaviour (Video 0.47)
Moving beyond the battleground (Video 1.48)
Pause and respond rather than react (Video 2.06)

Feature video

Positive discipline strategies for every family - Dr Justin Coulson (Video 11.26 mins)

Parents talk about positive approaches to guiding children’s behaviour (Video 23 mins)

All ages

Getting children to listen - Jodie Benveniste (Video 7.17 mins)
What helps parents be their best? - Jodie Benveniste (Video 7.28 mins)
What parenting style is best for children? - Jodie Benveniste (Video 8.10 mins)
Where do you get your parenting ideas? - Jodie Benveniste (Video 6.25 mins)

School aged children and teenagers

Cyber safety - Kristy Goodwin (Video 6.33 mins)
Managing screen time - Kristy Goodwin (Video 8.13 mins)
Living with teenagers - Kirrilie Smout (Video 4.43 mins)
Teenagers and feelings - Kirrilie Smout (Video 6.44 mins)
Managing conflict with teenagers - Kirrilie Smout (Video 5.12 mins)
Helping teens online - Kirrilie Smout (Video 7.27 mins)
Children, teens and pornography - Justin Coulson (Video 7.35 mins)
Girls: resilience, respect and healthy relationships - Justin Coulson (Video 5.58 mins)
Breaking the 'boy code': teaching boys about respectful relationships - Justin Coulson (Video 6.06 mins)
Sleep and teenagers - Sarah Blunden (Video 6.29 mins)

Toddlers, young children and school aged children

Toddlers and big feelings - Mandy Seyfang (YouTube 2 hours)
Toddlers and touchscreens- Justin Coulson (Video 5.20 mins)
Sleep and screen use - Sarah Blunden (Video 5.16 mins)
Sleep and toddlers - Sarah Blunden (Video 7.44 mins)


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