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Happy Families - Dr Justin Coulson
For positive approaches to parenting, building relationships, happy families, and guiding behaviour. Find webinars, blogs, podcasts, books and more.

Parenting ideas - Michael Grose
Resources for parents and schools on positive approaches to parenting. Find blogs and webinars and books.

Aha Parenting - Dr Laura Markham
Information on peaceful parenting, including blogs on positive ways of responding to children’s challenging behaviour.

Connective Parenting - Bonnie Harris
Information on connective parenting, including blogs and articles on responding to challenging behaviour

Lives in the balance - Dr Ross Greene
Information for families and schools on children’s challenging behaviour and positive ways of responding.

A fine parent - a group of parents
Information on positive approaches to parenting.

Parent Easy Guides

What is your parenting style?

Families that work well

Positive approaches to guiding behaviour: 2–12 years

Positive discipline strategies for every family - Dr Justin Coulson (YouTube 11.26 mins)

Parents talk about positive approaches to guiding children’s behaviour (YouTube 13 mins)

What parenting style works best for children? - Jodie Benveniste (YouTube 8.10 mins)

Parenting through COVID-19 - Parenting and Family Support team, Department for Human Services (YouTube 48.30 mins) (May 2020)

View the Secrets of Raising Beautifully Behaved Children - Jodie Benveniste (YouTube 2 hours) (May 2019)


Time in: guiding children's behaviour

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